May 28- June 1, 2020

Due to Corona postponed to 2021.
Please take care of yourselves.
We see each other in 2021!



BERLIN OPEN is a Tango Contest which is open to everyone: young and old, amateurs and professionals. We are open to all styles which respect the ronda. We are looking forward to welcoming a diverse range of couples from all around!



BERLIN OPEN connects: More than twenty local tango schools, milongas and fashion designers support the warmhearted tango contest of Berlin! There will be a cosmopolitan flair with partners from America, Asia and Europe.


BERLIN OPEN stands for fairness: We will have a huge jury. Known and respected tango personalities from different backgrounds, styles and generations. Highest and lowest ratings will be deleted. All results will be published!


BERLIN OPEN invites you to explore yourself and YOUR tango. We invite you to meet tango lovers from all around the world, to exchange, get inspired and have a great time!


BERLIN OPEN rewards SIX couples with outstanding prices: Winner Tango de Pista (Adult), Winner Tango de Pista (Senior), Winner Milonga, Winner Vals, Audience Award and Berlin Milonguer@ Award.


BERLIN OPEN is looking very much forward to welcoming same sax couples and couples in revers roles. We celebrate diversity and dance personalities of all kind!

BERLIN OPEN. Only one of a kind.


Days of Excitement



Metropolis of Tango Berlin

As early as in the 1910s Berlin experienced its first tango boom. After the world wars it disappeared for a long time. Since the 1980s tango is back in town and is happy about a continuously growing community ever since. Tango connects people from all around the world. Barriers of Language and origin can be overcome by the language of tango. BERLIN OPEN is the first big international tango contest in Berlin. BERLIN OPEN stands for inspiration, friendship, personal growth and lots of fun for participants and visitors. Under the umbrella of EMBRACE Tango Festival we cooperate with many partners from Berlin and around the globe.

Be Berlin. Be Open.

BERLIN OPEN Tango Contest

EMBRACE Festival Berlin

BERLIN OPEN takes place under the umbrella of EMBRACE Tango Festival Berlin.
The EMBRACE Community organizes every year the very special festival to Pentecost. We dance in more than 30 milongas, tango cafés, prácticas, workshops and after milongas (almost) around the clock!

Voices about BERLIN OPEN

We are very excited to realize the first BERLIN OPEN edition in 2019!

“I love the idea of BERLIN OPEN. It will have a big impact on the tango scene of Berlin.”

Emiliano Alcaraz

Tango Dancer, Teacher, Artist

“Ich freue mich riesig auf Berlin Open und werde auf jeden Fall mitmachen. Ich tanze zwar nur als Hobby, aber es wird bestimmt großartig mit so vielen verschiedenen Leuten zu tanzen. Eine tolle Idee, endlich auch einen großen Contest in Berlin zu veranstalten.”

Leonie Rettig

Konzertpianistin & Tangoliebhaberin

“I never liked the idea of competing in Tango. But I’m sure that Berlin Open will take care of Tango as an art form. I am looking forward to it.”


Tango DJ, Teacher, Dancer

“Das es jetzt zur nächsten Ausgabe vom EMBRACE Festival auch noch Berlin Open gibt ist großartig und wird das Festival und Stadt bereichern. Ich freue mich schon, all die neuen Gäste in Berlin willkommen zu heißen.”

Sven Elze

Tangoartist & Tangolehrer, Milonga Popular

Who is organizing BERLIN OPEN

Mirjam (Mimi) Hirsch

Mirjam is the founder of the tango school Academia de Tango Berlin. She won herself the German as well as the UK Tango Championships and is performing at famous places like Komische Oper, Berlin Philharmonic and national as well as international festivals. She approached tango as a researcher long before she found her passion for the dance itself. Other than tango she is working as personal coach and team trainer for communication, conflict resolution and mindfulness.

“Tango is fantastic. Tango connects people no matter where they are from or what language they speak. BERLIN OPEN is a contest and still its not about competitiveness. Participating connects you deeply with all the others who are going through the same moments of excitement and adrenaline rushes. You get to know yourself in very new ways. It makes you grow and can empower you a tremendously. A part from that you meet amazing people – some will become friends for a life time. I am very much looking forward to the first BERLIN OPEN edition!”

Horst Martin

Horst is a “Aficionado” and tango is his passion. He is one of the initiators and coordinators of EMBRACE BERLIN Tango Festivals since 2014. Horst is the owner of a press office which is specialized on culture and media based in Berlin.

“Tango is a dancing world heritage. BERLIN OPEN will use the publish attention of 25 years of town twinning Berlin Buenos Aires in 2019. The beauty and magic of Tango can be experienced by a broad audience. Its not possible to measure tango like a sport. The contest follows rather the idea of film festivals or cultural/ art awards: The decision will be made by a professional jury and also the audience.”

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